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Sterling Mining Corp

Sterling Mining

Formed in 1990, this is the underground mining division of EFCC. Carroll Hollow: The Carroll Hollow mine, located near Bergholz in Carroll County, extracts coal from the Middle Kittanning seam. The coal is sorted by size in the yard and is transported to the wash plant for additional processing.

Shean Hill: The Shean Hill mine, located to the east of the Carroll Hollow mine, extracts coal from the Upper Kittanning seam. Both the Shean Hill and Carroll Hollow mines are part of the Sterling Mining Corp., an affiliate of the East Fairfield Coal Company.

Wash plant: The Wash Plant processes the coal to be used by power plants, refineries, and other industrial customers. The Wash Plant was originally constructed in 1980 on Woodworth Road. In 1988 it was moved to its existing location in Brush Creek Township, Jefferson County, Ohio.

South Scales: The scalehouse at South Mine is used for weighing trucks loaded from the underground coal mines and the Wash Plant.

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