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The East Fairfield Coal Co. Coal Division:

The East Fairfield Coal Co.

We are your source for low sulfur clean burning coal. We have two underground deep mines located in Ohio. Both mines produce a low sulfur coal that can be washed, sized, and mixed to meet your current needs. Some of our coal is washed in our own state of the art wash plant to reduce the ash and sulfur content to produce a better quality coal. Our coal is available for purchase FOB or we also have a full fleet of trucks ready to help deliver the products needed to your jobsite in a timely manner.

Our current customers are located in Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Michigan, and Indiana. Our customers use our coal in the following industries:

  1. Lime industry for coal to process limestone in kilns to provide lime for steel mills and water treatment plants.
  2. Power Plants
  3. Central steam plants that provide heating and air conditioning for communities.
  4. Other industries that use coal fired process steam to power equipment at plants.

For more information contact our salesman Patrick Gray at 330-549-2165 or email him at graypr@gmail.com.

Shean Hill Underground Mine:

Shean Hill

Sterling Mining Corp deep mines the lower Freeport (Ohio #6A) coal seam in Jefferson County, Ohio. This medium sulfur seam ranges in thickness from 33-39 inches with a competent roof and floor. The mine is expected to produce coal for another 25 plus years.

Carroll Hollow Underground Mine:

Sterling Mining Corp also mines a low sulfur coal called the middle Kittanning (Ohio #6) in nearby Carroll County. This seam thickness ranges from 33-39 inches and current production should last for another 50 years.

Coal Wash Plant:

East Fairfield Coal Co started washing its coal in 1980 and has continued to upgrade and improve this process through the years. The wash plant is currently located near its two underground mines in Brush Creek Township in Jefferson County, Ohio. Dense medium gravity separation methods use a material called magnetite to form a medium denser than water to assist in the separation. The coal is washed to remove waste material from the coal to lower ash and sulfur therefore increasing the market value of the coal.

The East Fairfield Coal Co.

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